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Friday, August 14, 2015

DREAM OF EXPLOSION IN TIANJIN, CHINA as recorded on my facebook page Aug 9 2015


Haven't blogged in quite a while, I inadvertently didn't log the earthquake dream before Nepal, which was disturbing, but I was so disturbed by the last explosion dream I had that I put it up on my wall, and Robert of Propheticseer, made a video about it.  I logged the dream on Facebook on August 9, a few days before the explosion in Tianjin, China.  I failed to mention that at least one boat I saw was red, a color usually associated with China.
I must note I am still having bad feelings about Mumbai India....a city built on sand with lots of sex trafficking going on there.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


About a year or so back, I had had a dream I didn't understand and thus didn't blog it.  I was napping at the time and dreamed I was flipped out of bed into the air.  I somersaulted in slow motion and landed like a feather on the floor, where I slid all the way to the wall and lay there, my hands pressed firmly to my ears.  Strangely, all had been silent during the dream.  I didn't hear a single noise, and I didn't feel pain.  So confused by it I was, that I didn't even list the dream because of so few details. However, I'd often wondered if it was a premonition of an earthquake or perhaps a volcanic explosion/eruption, for I'd read that people's eardrums were damaged when Krakatoa exploded way back when.  It was neither.  The other day I thought about the dream once again after the explosion in West, Texas, and I got the goosebumps from the Spirit.  I was like, oh yeah, I remember that dream now.  You may have seen the video of the father and his daughter while they shot some graphic firsthand video of the massive second explosion.  You can hear the girl distinctly say, "I can't hear, Dad, I can't hear."  It's on Youtube.  If you are wondering if I live fairly close to West, I do.  Also want to add that a friend of mine is housing a family whose home was greatly damaged from the explosion.  The young boy asked his father what he'd thrown over him when the house came down.  His father said he'd been in the other room, but the boy kept insisting someone had been beside him and had thrown something over him.  The family now knows it was the child's guardian angel protecting him.  It is really astounding when you look at all the damage that more people weren't killed, but I will add that I know of some real prayer warriors in West, Texas.  A friend of mine had often prayed at the schools for the children's protection...school was not in session when the explosion occurred.

Monday, April 29, 2013


 I watched a television show I believe was entitled, Our Lady of Guadalupe, A Living Image.  During this program, I saw how  a 'star map' was discovered within the cloak the Virgin Mary is wearing.  The image above is the actual night sky, with its various constellations, as they were positioned when she appeared back in Dec. 1531.  Also during the program, they noted that there had been a crescent moon during the time of her appearance (see crescent moon under her feet)  Another important thing to note is the rays of sunlight  the Virgin is bathed in within the original OLG image. (google to see)  It is also fact that in the image of OLG, she is wearing a purple sash around her waist, which was significant to the native Indians in Mexico as being an indication of pregnancy.  Has anyone wondered what she is about to give birth to (?), since by the time she appeared in 1531 Christ had already been born and raised up.  Again, she appeared in December 1531, during the winter solstice.  She appeared to and spoke with the peasant Juan Diego, leaving the image imprinted on his tilma (a man's cloak).  Although Spanish Conquistadors had had little success in converting the natives, millions of Indians were converted to Christianity after her appearance!  Interestingly, at the same time, thousands of Protestants were leaving the Catholic faith overseas.   Important:  If you study the star map above, you will see in the Virgin's womb area the constellation LEO, and within that constellation is the star REGULUS, which means "Little King."  The prophecy I received is thus:  As a star appeared in the sky to announce the birth of the Messiah, the Little King, I firmly believe another star, or perhaps another conjunction, will appear in the sky to herald His Second Coming.  And I believe it could happen in the Leo Constellation (The Lord is known as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah).  I believe the new star will be given the Latin name meaning, 'Returning King.'  It is my firm belief that after this star appears, many many people will then convert to Catholicism, understanding that the Virgin Mary's appearances are not of satan but have taken place to help lead wayward man back to glorifying God and not himself.  Note that 2031 will be the five hundred year anniversary of the Virgin Mary's appearance.  I am hoping the sign will happen before I leave this earth.  Another interesting thing to note about the star map is the constellation Orion at her feet.  If you google the original OLG image, you will see the small image of a winged angel just beneath her feet as well, and I have often thought of the Orion Constellation, the Warrior, as representing Michael the Archangel...


First catastrophic dream in a while.  I dreamed I was in an unknown grocery store carrying a box of Nilla Wafers (of all things).  Looked through windowed storefront at a large funnel cloud touching the ground not far away.  It headed in my direction so I quickly ran to the back of the store, crouched near some rows of lockers, like those in a gymnasium, and prayed, along with lots of other people.  Soon, the roof peeled away, and I saw the tornado, flying debris, and a single person within the vortex.  Frightening, to say the least.  Just as the tornado reached us, it dissipated.  We cheered loudly that God listened to our prayers and stopped the tempest.  Not only that, but one of the people present received a physical healing.  Will add that I've been suspecting that another tornado may strike the city of Waco, Texas (there was a very bad tornado there in May 1953)  In 2011, I had a dream of the Kansas tornado before it happened.  Oddly, the house I was in in the dream had spun into the air, and after the tornado hit Kansas I then thought of the Wizard of Oz...so it was only then I realized I'd had another prophetic dream.  DREAM KEY WORDS:  Grocery store, roof damage, daytime, gymnasium, one person (death?) place of prayer

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I fear that my dream of the tipping over of a large ship a while back is only a harbinger of something worse to come, something much worse than the capsizing of the cruise ship this year which occurred after my dream.  In addition to that dream, I've been getting many reminders lately about the Titanic, quite randomly and from all directions.  I also feel the Lord will warn many to stay off of the ship through dreams or visions.  Some will listen, some will not or will succumb to pressure to board the ship.  I do not know, however, what the cause of the ship's loss will be, whether by a tidal wave or an explosive device, hurricane-force winds or something entirely else. My instincts tell me it may occur in an unexpected place, perhaps in the Far East, by a group of cocky terrorists who will proudly proclaim that no one should feel safe under their watch.  I can only pray that God rebukes those proud men, and they are captured before their plans are carried out. The tribulations are at hand, but instead of looking up, people keep lavishing themselves with fine vacations instead of seeking Him, walking in His ways, considering the poor...the orphan and the widow, as He commanded.  I was the same way until my wake-up call.  Pleasure-seeking people are blind to His warnings: the prophecy in the book 'Futility' was unheeded and thus sank the proud and mighty Titanic fourteen yrs later in April, just like the ship called the Titan in the book...you also have the illnesses/plagues that have spread aboard ships, plus the recent capsizing...all instances being chastisements to stop such nonsense.  Those who don't pay heed may dance with the devil right over the edge of the cliff to their doom...I read somewhere that dancing with the devil doesn't change the devil but it changes you.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


     Last night was difficult, as I had an intensive dream. I sensed many people, and I can't remember what activity they were engaged in, but I do know everyone was buzzing around doing something, and they were being anything but still (Psalm 46:10).  I remember some discussing heaven and hell.  Soon, I began to weep and cry out with great passion "Lord, please save the poor sinners!" And while all this was going on I kept hearing knocking, knocking, knocking on a wooden door.  As I write this, I picture in my mind the image of Jesus knocking on a wooden door, a picture most people have seen at some point in their lives. One point He is making is that He is knocking repetitively, but people aren't answering the door. I would like to add that when I get what is called a 'knocking', that is, an awakening in the middle of the night either from a dream or upon feeling a very strange energy ripple through me that awakens me, I get up to pray.  I regret that I was very tired that night and didn't stay up to pray very long before I went back to bed.  I'm going to do better tonight.
     The knocking has another meaning for me.  I wrote a play, a modern-day retelling of the story of Faust,  in which the devil Mephistopheles says, "For most people the bible is like a rusty suit of armor sitting in a corner gathering dust.  And when the great dragon comes knocking, knocking, knocking on their door, they find they have no armor with which to protect themselves (referring to knowledge of the Word), and  they are torn to pieces in the jaws and teeth of the great dragon...."
     I have been getting signs again that Christians really really need to pray hard for our country.
PROPHECY:  Other Christians are going to start receiving knockings in the middle of the night.  They are a call to prayer.  Sometimes, we must even fast from sleep...

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Just finished a seven-day bread and water fast that began Ash Wednesday.  I usually receive dreams during fasts, and this time was no exception.  When the fast began, I had been troubled about a prophet that preaches Universalism, and I received a dream about it.  I saw two prophets.  One looked like the prophets of old, and he carried a wooden staff like that of Moses.  I can't even remember the other prophet's features because my eye was drawn to his wooden staff.  The top of it was carved into a fox's head. It's eyes were yellow.  I meditated upon the dream and the Holy Spirit gave me understanding that the second prophet was a false prophet.  A fox is cunning, and is a predator and opportunist. It lives in the dark underground in a hole of its own making. I think that might sum up a false prophet, or perhaps a 'fox prophet'. The second dream was about God's wrath. There were lighting bolts crashing to the earth, and the ends of the bolts parted into many smaller bolts.  I knew God was full of wrath, so I ran through an open door and hid just inside a house or building, don't know which. As I stared through the open doorway, another bolt crashed down and curved inward as if to strike me, but it didn't. A third dream was of sitting in a circle with children.  One asked me, 'how can I keep from going to hell?'  I told the children things like, 'remove all malice from yourself, all anger, ill will, all resentment and desires for revenge.'  I found it notable that I was surrounded by children...